Here are some excerpts from a recent article from AMC, where fans submitted their questions to Scott Gimple! We picked our favorites and pasted them below:

Q: Is there a certain character you see yourself in the show? — EMR

A: That’s too hard a question to answer. Because I have to write all of them, I have to see myself in all of them, and get into their heads. I’m very lucky to have a cool wife like Glenn.

Q: Do a lot of celebrities want to be zombies on the series? – Sharring09

A: There are requests, but generally it doesn’t happen too much. It’s a very difficult job and it takes a certain amount of training and endurance. Put it this way: If there were celebrities that did sneak onto the show somehow, we wouldn’t tell you.

Q: Why do you think the show has become the mega-hit that it is? – Ali6905

A: I would say there’s nothing else like it on TV. The comic book is incredibly popular too, and I think there is something about the situation. If you have characters that you love, I think that hopefully is part of it — people really like the characters. They see themselves in one of the characters or all of the characters and they get to ask themselves what they would do in similar situations. There are a lot of very difficult things to think about – even when you turn off the TV, a lot of times.