Last year we unveiled our blind box minis, and the goal was always to complement them with full-on paint ops. In doing that, we wanted to make a short run that showed off the illustration and paint design, so why not make them bigger! So these are our big minis, standing 8″ tall and fully painted. We also added a Kyle Barnes figure from OUTCAST by KIRKMAN & AZACETA. We gave you a peek at the boxes the other day, and people were already digging them so here they are in all their glory:


Sheriff Rick Grimes, who everybody knows and loves from The Walking Dead. This comic-based version still sports the uniform and both hands.


Our other baby, Invincible AKA Mark Grayson. Happy, clean, and ready to battle invaders from another world who may or may not punch his stomach out/shatter every bone in his hand/knock his eyeball out/etc, etc.


Kyle Barnes, the tortured protagonist of Robert Kirkman’s latest book—and soon to be major television series on Cinemax (Fox International Channels, world-wide)—OUTCAST.

Each figure also has a corresponding variant (Rick Grimes: Black and White, Invincible: Blue Suit, Kyle Barnes: Bloodied version). These are more rare and randomly boxed! Which version will YOU get?