Fun fact: the reason we met about Superfight originally was because we thought it would be cool to make a Walking Dead expansion for the game. Well, we ended up liking Superfight so much that we partnered with creator Darin Ross and now we help create ALL of the decks and updates and we produce and distribute it. Fast-forward about a year from when we partnered and FINALLY we’re getting a Walking Dead deck! Premiering at SDCC will be the Walking Dead Deck for Superfight.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Superfight, it’s a card game where players pull cards to create a super hero whose powers range from nigh omnipotence all the way down to horrible futility. So you may have Bruce Lee armed with a flame thrower or you might get a kitten stuck inside a hamster ball. It’s up to you to argue your case and it’s not our fault if you end up not speaking to your friends for a while. In addition to the main deck, we’ve previously released the R-Rated Red Deck (a must-have), the Geeky Orange Deck, and the Kid-Friendly Green Deck. We also have two modifier decks: The Blue Deck (which changes your fight location—how’s that flamethrower working underwater, champ?) and the Purple Deck (which adds variables to your fight, like an adorable kitten stampede).

The Walking Dead Deck:
The Walking Dead Deck is an expansion to Superfight that adds 100 cards inspired by Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book series. All of your favorite survivors and villains are here, along with our darkest set of attributes yet. DO NOT SHUFFLE, DEAD INSIDE.

Anime Deck:
The Anime Deck is an expansion to Superfight that adds 100 cards inspired by your favorite anime. From Pocket Monsters, to Titans, to Sailor Scouts, this deck is ready to raise your fights to a new level of insanity, the kind you can only find in Japan. The Anime Deck actually premieres at Anime Expo TOMORROW!

Challenge Deck:
We know your bear-throwing T-Rext is a formidable fighter, but how is she at football, quidditch, or the game of thrones? The challenge deck answers all these questions and more by adding 100 challenge cards to your Superfight game. Draw a challenge card before or after you create the fighters, then instead of fighting, argue about who would win at that contest.

Superfight-Walking-Dead-Deck Superfight-Anime-Deck Superfight-Challenge-Deck