Season Finale! It was a hum-dinger!

The definitive comic moment tonight, and the one that’s a BIG, crazy moment from the comics, is the attempted rape of Carl by bandits. The players and situation have changed a bit, but a lot of the action and the fall out is the same.

In the comic (issue 57, Volume 10: What We Become), Rick, Abraham, and Carl take a side trip to Rick and Carl’s hometown to check for supplies at the police station and the check on Morgan and Duane. Their first night out, they’re held at gunpoint by a small group of men.

When Carl is endangered, Rick fights back, but ends up in a bear hug, his arms trapped at his sides.

Rick goes full savage, ripping Joe’s throat out like a walker.

With just Carl’s attempted rapist left, Rick insists on killing him himself, and it’s not pleasant.

You can see that in the show, Rick’s actions are almost identical. Granted, this time it’s “The Claimers” (as the fans have been calling Daryl’s group) and not some nameless bandits. Also, it’s Michonne who Rick is with, not Abraham (whom he has yet to meet).

It changes Rick in both cases, but in the comic, Abraham is the one who ends up confessing a troubled history of his own ruthlessness. In the show, Rick confesses his fears about his humanity to an understanding Daryl. In both cases, Carl listens in.

The last big thing that we’re able to show you is the very end of the show, which hopefully was VERY familiar to comic readers, even if the setting and situation isn’t exactly the same. This is from the final panel of issue 64 from Volume 11: Fear the Hunters.

What did we miss, or what do you THINK we missed? We can’t give everything away, you know. 😉