Time flies! Here we are at yet ANOTHER Season Finale of The Walking Dead! Will questions be answered? Will we learn what that W means? Will Morgan show up? Who will die? WILL CORAL GET HIS PUDDING?! Find out right… MEOW.

Well one of these questions gets answered right away because… it’s Morgan! Sleeping in an abandoned wreck, he wakes up, takes a look at the lucky rabbit foot hanging from the mirror and smiles. Apparently it’s a good day to be Morgan! He makes himself some breakfast and suddenly it’s not such a good day to be Morgan. A man with a gun and a “W” painted on his head (WHAT THE) comes out of the woods. The reason for the W: “You know the first settlers here? They put bounties on wolves’ heads. Brought the natives into it. Made them hunt them. Didn’t take them too long to kill them all. They’re back now.” Doesn’t quite explain it. The guy is fairly cordial. And Morgan plays it pretty cool. The guy says they find new people every couple of weeks. His plan: take everything Morgan has. Every bite and every drop. And take Morgan too, or his corpse at least.

Morgan offers to let him have everything if he’ll leave him alive. But he will not allow the man to take him. Another man bursts out of the trees and swings a machete at Morgan. He dodges and gives them a chance to retreat. Then he uses some newly acquired Matrix skills to kick their asses with his staff. He leaves them in the back seat of the car, honks the horn, and closes the doors. I guess they’ll be surrounded by walkers for a while…

Rick wakes up, groggy and in a dark room. He laughs. Michonne, who hasn’t left his side, isn’t nearly as amused and wants to know what’s so funny. It reminds him of the shipping container in Terminus. “After the whole thing, I’m still there.” Michonne wants to know what he’s doing, why he didn’t include her in any plans. Rick didn’t trust her with the guns because he knows she wants Alexandria to work. Glenn, Carol, and Abe show up. Michonne asks Rick where he got the gun. Carol covers immediately and lets Abraham and Michonne believe that Rick acted alone and took just one gun. That crafty Carol!

There’s to be a community meeting that night. Maggie is trying to find out what it’s about. Carol coaches him on what the right story is. Michonne wants to know why Carol is putting on an act. “Because these people are children.” The new plan: if it things go south, Rick whistles, everyone grabs a hostage and holds them at knife-point. They’ll threaten to slit their throats unless they hand over the armory at which point it’s over. Rick says he hit his limit and screwed up. And now, nap time.

Over to Maggie at the Monroe’s house. Deanna is pissed but Maggie argues that Deanna let them in when she was thinking clearly and when she talked to all of them at length. Now she wants to turn the decision over to a bunch of frightened, ill-informed people. Reg points out that Michonne is the one who stopped him. Deanna says she’ll do what she has to and Maggie storms off. Reg goes after her. He tells her how man started as nomads but civilization starts when people stop running and start working together. When they stop sending people away. He’s going to tell everyone that at the meeting. Reg is awesome.

Sasha is clearing the wall of the walkers she’s put down and piling them into a grave. She looks down at them and then lays down in the grave on top of them. Well that’s creepy. I guess sometimes you just want to feel dead. But can you imagine how awful that smells?!

Daryl and Aaron are off on a scouting mission. Aaron tells him that they tail their target long enough until they can tell how they are. He tells Daryl about two men and a woman led by a man named Davidson (comic fans take note). When things went bad they drove the group far away, took their guns, and left them. Aaron says he won’t make that mistake again. They come across their target: a man in a red poncho. He’s got wilderness skills. He uses wild leeks to keep mosquitoes off of him. Daryl’s impressed.

I guess it’s Carol’s turn to watch Rick. Now that they’re alone, she wakes him up and gives him a gun. Carol says she didn’t tell them about the guns “just in case.” Rick says that Michonne was right to knock him out. When Rick says he doesn’t want to lie anymore, Carol implies that it’s naive to think that they can be truthful AND stay in Alexandria. Girl is jaded. Rick heads outside. He walks past Tobin, says hi. He walks past Deanna’s place and they just stare at each other.

Maggie tells Glenn about the meeting. He tells her that he loves her and all of a sudden, it’s like, uh oh is Glenn in trouble? She heads off to talk to other Alexandrians before the meeting. Glenn sits for a while and then sees Nicholas scale the wall (not exactly stealthy–clang clang clang) and hop over. Where the hell is Nicholas going? Glenn appears to go after him but we cut to…

Spencer opening the gate for Father Gabriel. Gabriel refuses a firearm and says he’s just going for a short walk and God will be all the protection he needs. Well, we’ll see about that.

Rick gets back home. He tells Carl that he’s not going to the meeting. He acknowledges that Alexandria is “home” now. Carl points out that the Alexandrians can’t survive without them. Rick let’s Carl know that he may have to take a hostage at the meeting. Possibly kill them. You know, as you do. Carl tells him that he can make them listen without killing.

Back to Daryl and Aaron. They’ve lost the man in the red poncho but they have found a potential supply bonanza. So a choice then: try to pick up the trail or take care of some walkers and scavenge. Daryl wants to find the guy. He thinks they need numbers. Aaron argues that if they do find people, they’ll need to be able to feed them. So they scavenge. They draw the walkers to the fence, kill them, and then enter. They find canned food trucks. Aaron finds an Alaska plate so he takes it off. He points out that the guy is in a red poncho and very visible. Of course maybe that’s on purpose…

When they open the back of one of the trucks, it’s a trap. All of the trucks are full of walkers and the doors all spring open at once. Aaron has to start cutting off heads with his license plate, Daryl starts stabbing. A lot of the walkers have the W carved in their heads… Eventually they fight their way to a car (getting in some nice kills on the way) and lock themselves in. Aaron finds a note:


While this is happening we see Pete, sitting alone in his new house in the dark. Carol arrives with a casserole. She tells him he needs to check on Tara. When he tells her to leave she pulls a knife and let’s him know how easily she could kill him and everyone would just believe that he’d tried to hurt her. She even challenges him to hit her. I was wrong, Carol didn’t bring a casserole, it was definitely Scarol. “Play your cards right and maybe you don’t have to die. And I want my dish back CLEAN when you’re done.”

Pete drops the casserole and starts yelling to himself “THIS ISN’T MY HOUSE.” So he’s stable. I’m sure that’s the last we’ll see of him.

Outside the walls Glenn follows Nicholas. He finds a walker on the ground and then BANG gets shot! Oh shit no! Nicholas runs over to finish him but Glenn is gone…

In town, Rick checks on Jessie (she has a black eye from when Pete knocked her away). She tells him that they shouldn’t be seen together and he counters that he’s not sorry that he did it, no matter what happens. He turns to leave and she stops him, tells him he was right. As he walks away we see that scary Pete was watching from his new house.

Daryl and Aaron are trapped in a glass cage of emotion—car, I mean car—while walkers paw at the windows endlessly. Aaron tells Daryl how seeing how he brought his people to safety in the barn when the storm hit is what convinced him that he should bring them in. He tells Daryl that he was right to want to continue after the man in the red poncho (the guy that led you to this crazy trap?!). Daryl offers to sacrifice himself. He’ll make a run for it and draw the walkers off, giving Aaron time to get out. Sad music plays and for a bit it seems like Daryl’s going to die. Aaron tells him no. They’ll fight together. Die together or live together. They get ready to head into certain death in one, two, th—Morgan arrives!

The three of them are able to get outside the fence and shut the gate. Introductions are made. Daryl (who has never met Morgan) asks Morgan why he saved them. “Because all life is precious now.” Aaron invites him back to Alexandria. Morgan declines. He’s on his way somewhere. He asks for directions and hands Daryl his map, the one that Abraham left. Daryl sees the note and looks at Morgan.

Gabriel whistles through the woods. He comes to a road and a walker eating a person. He strolls casually toward it. “I’m ready!” he holds his arms out and the walker advances on him. Is he testing his faith, his resolve, or is he suicidal? The walker has a noose. At the last minute Gabriel grabs it and uses it to rip the walker’s head off. With a rock, he finishes him off. Then he goes over and puts the partially eaten victim out of his misery. He falls in the road, sobbing.

While Gabriel goes fetal, Abraham brings some flowers for Tara at the makeshift doctor’s office. Rosita is inside and Eugene is next to the bed. Abe sees him and turns to go before Rosita points out that Eugene is asleep. Abe quietly approaches and sits down without making a peep. Rosita not so subtly drops a pan on the ground, waking up Eugene. These bros have to talk at some point. Eugene tells Abraham that Tara saved his life, and made him realize that Abraham is the reason they got to Alexandria. And he apologizes. Abraham apologizes also.

Spencer opens the gate for a dazed Gabriel. He tells Gabriel that he needs someone to talk to about Aiden, and then asks Gabriel to close the gate. Gabriel, being an asshat, throws it closed and it promptly bounces back open again as he walks away.

Back out in the woods, Nicholas is trying to find Glenn. He comes across a walker instead. When he shoots it, Glenn takes the opportunity to attack. They tussle on the ground while a walker advances. Nicholas bails and the walker falls on Glenn. Oh shit no!

Michonne shows up to collect Rick for the meeting. He comes clean about the guns they took and offers Michonne his gun. He admits to her that he was afraid that she would talk him out of his plan. She tells him that she’s with him. They don’t need weapons. They can find a way to coexist, and if not, they still don’t need weapons. He offers her his gun again. She pushes it back and tells him not to be long.

Rick sits and thinks back to what Bob said about adapting to a nightmare (“nightmares end”). He puts the gun in his pants and looks out the window. He sees the open gate and goes running for it. He notices that a walker has rubbed up against the lock and follows the blood trail.

Gabriel goes to his church and finds Sasha waiting for him. “Can you help me?” she asks. “No,” he says. “I think I want to die,” Sasha finally admits. Gabriel shames her. And tells her she should want to be dead for the things they’ve done. He tells her that Bob died because of her. That Tyreese was just as guilty as anyone. That none of them deserve to be there. She slams him against the wall and yells, “STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!”

Everyone’s arrived for the meeting and waiting but Rick’s a no show. Deanna says they’re going to start anyway. She wants to talk about how Rick stole a gun, how he waved it at everyone, and what he said. Rick’s friends try to reassure her that Rick will be there. Carol puts on her friendly face and assures Deanna that they can work it out.

Speaking of Rick, he’s running around looking for a walker (basically doing his job). He finds it—or more precisely—it finds him. As he fights with it, and another one, all these events happen concurrently: Michonne pleads his case at the meeting, as does Carol, as does Abraham. Sasha struggles with Gabriel in the church. Glenn knocks out Nicholas in the woods. Finally Rick shoves his gun up into a walker’s head (like literally UP INTO it’s head, I guess to act as a silencer) and blows its brains out, showering himself in blood.

We cut away from all these familiar scenes to see some new people: two guys with the man in the red poncho. They talk about resetting the trap and then one of the men turns to the man in the red poncho, slits his throat, and says “welcome home.” So there’s that.

Back at the meeting, the defense for Rick is finishing their case with a testimony from Maggie. She speaks of Rick as a father, doing the things he has to do to take care of his family. Rick started that family and he won’t stop protecting it, nor do you want him to. Deanna speaks up. She tells them what Gabriel told her and then less than 24 hours later Rick did exactly what Gabriel warned about. Jessie points out that Gabriel isn’t there to verify what she’s saying. Maggie leaves to get him.

Out in the woods, Glenn is still kicking Nicholas’ ass. “Noah died because of you! And I tried to tell you how it is, how it has to be! AND YOU TRIED TO KILL ME?!” Then he points the gun at Nicholas’ head while he cries. This is juxtaposed with Sasha, still in the church, pointing her gun at Father Gabriel’s head.

The bad guys that set the trap pull a remote and click on music (Brian Wilson’s Love and Mercy—a classic) inside the trucks. The walkers shuffle toward it.

Back at the meeting Tobin is saying that if keeping his family safe means that they need to get rid o—Rick shows up right then. Covered in blood, carrying a walker. He throws it down in the middle of the meeting.

Cut to Nicholas pleading for his life. “I was scared, I don’t belong out here!” Glenn yells at him to shut up and then pulls his gun from his head, slumping to the ground next to him. Likewise, Sasha is advancing on Gabriel. “Do it!” he says. Maggie walks in just then. A crying Sasha hands over her rifle. “You should let her,” Gabriel cries. “They died. They all died because of me.” “They did,” Maggie says while giving him her hand and helping him up.

At the meeting, Rick is laying down the law. Chastising them for not being vigilant. They will always get in, he says. The dead and the living, as long as they’re in there. While he delivers his monologue we see Glenn helping Nicholas back to town, Carl taking care of Judith, Glenn, Maggie, and Gabriel in a prayer circle, Tara waking up, and the bad guys finishing up the trap and going through Aaron’s dropped bags, including his photos of Alexandria.

Rick is finishing up. “We’ll survive. I’ll show you how. I was thinking, ‘How many of you do I have to kill to save your lives?’ But I’m not gonna do that. You’re gonna change. I’m not sorry for what I said last night, I’m sorry for not saying it sooner. You’re not ready, but you have to be. RIGHT NOW. You have to be. Luck runs out.” To prove this point, Pete stumbles in drunk and angry with Michonne’s sword. Rick reaches for his gun but Carol shakes him off. When Reg tries to stop Pete he shoves him away, slicing his throat open. Abraham subdues Pete while Reg bleeds to death. Rick looks to Deanna, who’s holding Reg as he dies. An anguished Deanna looks at Rick. “DO IT.” Rick does not hesitate. He turns, aims, and fires. Not one second later a horrified Morgan says, “Rick?” Rick stares at Morgan like, “Uhhh….” AAAAAND END!

PSYCH! Post-credits scene! Here’s what happens if you missed it: Michonne cleans her sword off and goes to hang it up, but just as she’s about to leave it, she reconsiders, puts it back in the sheath, and throws it over her shoulder. You’re never safe in this world. And finally, we cut back to the trap. Undead red poncho man shuffles past a car that was not there before with writing on the side:



The Wolves and the W foreheads are tied together! Or so I’m assuming that’s the meaning of that ending. What do you guys think? Was that Davidson, the ejected Alexandrian looking at photos of his former home? Or did he seem to not recognize it?

Did everything happen that you thought would? Did you cry and scream like Norman Reedus predicted?

Reg was the flipping best, the nicest, most sane, logical person there (even if he did put the wall supports on the wrong side) and that mother dick Pete had to slit his throat.

I legitimately thought Glenn was going to die. And I half thought Daryl was going to die. But everyone made it out alive. Well, except old sore throat Reg. And ass hat Pete. And red poncho sucker. But our crew is intact and probably healthier now than before. Abe and Eugene are talking again. Tara is up. Sasha and Gabriel are finding spiritual forgiveness. Daryl is realizing that he’s an actual good person with actual friends. Deanna is telling Rick to kill people. Everything’s great! I mean, until The Wolves show up. Oh and Morgan. Rick has some explaining to do to Mr “Every Life is Precious.”

But it is going to be a loooooong six months before we learn how they’ll smooth that over. In the meantime, though, you have FEAR THE WALKING DEAD to look forward to!

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UPDATE: AND THE WINNER IS… Panbot, whose sentence, “Seeing Rick finish him like a cheesecake was pure joy,” is going to be Brian’s next tattoo. Though he doesn’t know that yet… sssshhhh! Anyway, congrats, Panbot, you win the prize pack!

We also have two HONORABLE MENTIONS: Flashy and Zimovskij both pointed out that Red Poncho Guy was a TWD homage to little red riding hood. Because Wolves! We totally missed this and thought it was a pretty cool plant, so we’re gonna send you both a little something for spotting it!! Congrats!