We don’t talk about ratings TOO much here. I guess it seems like tooting our own horn, even though we’re more on the comic side of things. But every year TWD breaks new records with their premieres and finales and it is awesome. It’s awesome because like you, we love the show. It’s awesome because it means we get to see more of the stories we love (The Hunters, Negan, All Out War, A New Beginning, etc). And it’s awesome because it means—hopefully—that we’ll have even more people getting into The Walking Dead comic and comics in general.

Over 17 million people watched The Walking Dead Sunday night, and after DVR viewing it will be closer to 22 million. It beat Sunday Night Football in adults 18-49. That is amazing. It’s amazing because it’s a genre show. It’s amazing because it’s on a cable channel. It’s amazing because it’s based on a comic book. I think we’re seeing a real shift in not just TV, but in pop culture. Comic books are losing the stigma of being for “nerds” (whatever that means) and are now just another form of entertainment (a really amazing, artist-driven form at that). When someone comes up to us at a Con and tells us that The Walking Dead is the first comic they ever read and they ask us for a suggestion, we practically swoon.

The TL;DR of it all is, it’s amazing that AMC’s The Walking Dead is kicking ass but it’s not surprising and we love it.

Thanks to everyone at AMC for putting so much faith in The Walking Dead! Thanks to Scott Gimple for really believing in Robert’s vision and basing so much of the show directly on the comic! Thanks to Greg Nicotero for A) directing some great episodes, including an AWESOME Season 5 premiere and B) for taking the state of makeup FX on TV and raising them orders of magnitude over where they were! Thanks to Gale Anne Hurd, Tom Luse, David Alpert, and all the producers! Thanks to an astoundingly gifted cast! Huge HUGE thanks to a crew that deals with insane deadlines and brutal Georgia summers! And most of all, thanks to the most bananas, awesome fans in the world! You guys are the sweetest at conventions and it never ceases to amaze us how passionate you are and how diverse you are! From little kids to grandparents, everyone loves TWD and we love you!

Let’s make some more great TV and get even more people into comic books!

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