EW continues with their great pre-Season 5 coverage of The Walking Dead. After shooting their Entertainment Weekly cover, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan took a few minutes to talk about their characters and the future of Glaggie…

When asked whether or not the couple was better off separate and free, or together and captured at Terminus, Cohan replied, “I think that really Maggie and Glenn are better together. Even if it’s the most perilous situation you know that they’ll find a way out of it — or at least you hope that they’ll find a way out of it. They spent a lot of time trying to find each last year — it’s like, no more!”

Steven Yuen agreed. “I think the preference is to be together regardless of whether the circumstances are difficult. At the least, you’re with the person that matters the most to you in this world. At this point, what your world has become — that is your world. Your world is who your with. The world is the people that you love. If it’s not with them, the what’s the point of continuing on?”

To read the full excerpt and check out the video of their cover shoot, visit Entertainment Weekly!