Hey all, it’s Brian. We’ve been missing T-Dog something fierce, and IronE is such a cool guy that we wanted to reconnect. To that end, we present T-Dog It’s Friday! where we give IronE his own little piece of the site to see what he’s got going on.

First off, 16 mil.+ viewers for the season 4 premiere of TWD!… WHOA! My hats off to you, Robert Kirkman, and the rest of the Skybound team. CONGRATULATIONS! The distressed woman in the woods, alone, was worth the ticket, a large popcorn, soda and bon bons. Please understand that I will be tuned in Sunday to find out exactly what happened to Patrick. Will you?

This record-breaking accomplishment of TWD only makes me that much more excited to announce and launch the tour of my one man show, “Blindsided by the Walking Dead” so that I can reconnect with my ravenous TWD fanatics. With drama, comedy, dance, rap and spoken word, it’s sure to entertain people from all walks of life. We are busy at IronE Productions preparing to open next month on Nov. 8th at my old stomping ground of Athens, GA at The University of GA. where my acting career began almost 20 years ago. For ticket purchases, other show dates and pertinent information, please visit IronESingleton.com. I’m excited to announce that there’s a contest to win an all expenses paid trip to see my show! I encourage everyone to enter at IronESingleton.com/BBTWD_Contest.html.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderful kids at McClure Middle School in GA on Tuesday. Many of the students reminded me of the students at “IronE presents… Young Voices United;” a non-profit performing arts school for which I’m very passionate. The kids are full of hopes, dreams and talent but many lack the necessary resources to fulfill those virtues. Thanks for joining in my efforts to raise funding to support the youth in the arts. Donations are welcomed at YVUscholarship@IronEproductions.com.

Bonjour, again, all of my French fans. It was great seeing you in Paris last week. This week, I’m looking forward to spending time with the lovely people/TWD fans of Worcester, Mass. at the Rock and Shock Convention [October 18th-20th, -brian]. I’ll be accompanied by Scott Wilson (Hershel), Michael Rooker (Merle) and Lew Temple (Axel). I’m sure they’d love to see you, as well. God is so amazing to allow someone from such humble beginnings to meet such great people that care about what I’m doing. What a blessing!

Thank GOD for you, thank God for The Walking Dead and thank God it’s Friday!
T-Dog ~ signing off!!

P.S. Next time, I won’t be so long winded. I’m just really excited to kick off this blog segment.