T-Dog It’s Friday! Errrr Saturday! We’re a day late this week because most of Thursday was spent in a turkey coma, so I apologize, but better late than never, right?! Take it away, IronE!

I think the world of The Walking Dead has become a world that we as human beings fear living. It has degenerated to a place of mainly survival and not living. Who wants to live in a world where your motivation is survival? What about the simple pleasures of life? A night out on the town with your girls or the fellas, or a family date at the lake where the kids swim and you cozy up with your spouse while reveling in the thought that they are your greatest accomplishment always brings great joy. There are no more enjoyable, exciting, nail-biting buzzer beater ball games to watch to ramp up the adrenaline and intensify the heart rate…only that which is caused by running from zombies, or more sadly, other humans. The unfortunate part is that the stakes are higher. If your team fails to convert at the “buzzer,” not only do you lose the “game,” you lose your life. No fun living in an apocalyptic world, but incredibly exhilarating watching on television. It seems as though the governor, or should I say Philip…or “Bri” or whomever he is (I don’t think he knows) has lost his identity; the essence of who he really is or who he was created to be which is an intelligent and compassionate being similar to the source of his creation. His purpose has been tainted and overcome by his ravenous instinct to survive. When that happens, life becomes just a four letter word that can only be experienced on the promenade of nostalgia… in our dreams, because it’s certainly not living. It’s obvious that the governor has leadership qualities but those qualities are being channeled, negatively.

I think the Governor (how appropriate the name) is similar to some of the leaders in our world. They make selfish decisions that benefit themselves, primarily, when they should be made for the entirety of the group. The killing of Martinez and his henchman comes with a heavy price tag. With each and every heartless and sinful decision the governor makes, the more miserable he becomes which runs counter to his desire and instinct to survive. Therefore, at the end of the day, there IS no survival. Only a slow, painful, spiritual then physical death, because karma is inevitable on this journey in life. You reap what you sow.

As we tune in this Sunday to The Walking Dead, let’s be mindful that, while living vicariously through our favorite characters, like the governor, the decisions we make, could become a slippery slope that could create a world of, in part, internal chaos and misery which, in turn, could lead to a painful spiritual then physical death. While the show entertains and thrills us beyond consciousness, let it serve as a reminder of how blessed we are to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Happy Holidays!
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Thank God for you, thank God for The Walking Dead and thank God it’s Friday.