Now before we get to the good stuff, a quick disclaimer: like Brian, I, too, am not a doctor. Do I drink a lot of tea? Yes. Am I a bit of a hypochondriac? Yes. But a doctor? Not so much.

Why are we focusing on natural remedies this week? For one, Hershel was willing to risk his life delivering that tea, and for two, what happens if the medicine from the veterinary school doesn’t work? Or if the gang (and by gang, I mean show favorites Daryl, Michonne, and Tyreese) doesn’t get it back soon enough? Hershel is taking matters into his own hands, but is brewing some tea really enough?

So here’s what we do know about this magical elderberry tea: some studies have shown that elderberry tea is effective against several strains of influenza and can reduce the duration of the flu symptoms by a few days. In addition, some scientists and practitioners of holistic medicine argue elderberries also have antibacterial properties. DOUBLE WIN!

Could Hershel’s tea be part of the reason that no one else has suffered Vincent’s swift decline? Last week, a lot of people posited that the infamous 1918 Spanish Flu was a likely inspiration for this strain of influenza that kills overnight. Does anyone know if there were any effective efforts to curb the quick progression of the disease? Was elderberry tea a popular and effective remedy back in 1918, or were its properties unknown at the time? Maybe some historians or history buffs could shed some light.

Unfortunately, despite elderberries naturally growing in North America, several other natural flu remedies are not so easy to come by. Ginger root, which is often boiled or added to food to help overcome illness, is not native to American soil. Similarly, other natural remedies including horseradish and garlic aren’t going to be found within walking distance of the prison fence.

If only they could get their hands on some vitamin C or zinc! Chances that the prison stocked up on OJ are slim, however. Maybe there are some native foods that sport high levels of vitamin C and zinc in the area? Let us know if you know! And tell us if you can think of any other naturally occurring flu remedies that the survivors might have access to in Georgia.

Also, fun fact, I’m sick this very instant! It’s just a sore throat, but I’m popping vitamin C and drinking my fair share of tea. Want some bonus points, though? Leave a comment or drop me some tips at the end of your insightful paragraph(s).