World Cup Fever has gripped the planet and we here at Skybound World Headquarters are not immune. I find myself yelling at my monitor over red cards and arguing with Mackiewicz over Offside rules. So we thought, why not bring some of that magic to TWD? We want to know who you’re FAVORITE TWD COMIC CHARACTER IS (we’ll do TV at a later date), and what better way to do it than a tournament bracket? We’re skipping the round-robin group stage and going straight to a 4-group, 32 character single-elimination tournament! It’s gonna get bloody! Vote today for your favorite character in each match up and check back when the next Group starts to see the results! You know how they say “it’s not a popularity contest”? Well this is!

Today: GROUP A.

Our first match up is a doozy! A real personal grudge match!
Rick struggled with his innate desire to lead for a long time, seeing sometimes disastrous results. He’s finally come to a place where he’s realized that great leadership requires sacrifice. Like your hand.
Shane was a good man with some inner demons. Jealousy and selfishness caused him to self destruct and things ended… kind of poorly.

Sometimes our seeding system will lead to some odd pairs and this is one.
Dwight’s loyalty was hard to pin down for a long time. Hell, it still is. Good guy on the wrong side or blatant opportunist? Maybe both?
Hershel isn’t quite the series defining paternal figure he is on the TV show, but he is a good man, and a real boon to the group. Also, if he had a badass fighting name, he’d be the Amputationer.

A Hilltop rumble!
Maggie has shown as much growth as anyone in the apocalypse. From farm girl, to loving wife, to mother, to badass leader. Gotta love anyone that puts the smack down on perv Gregory.
Earl Sutton, the blacksmith. He hasn’t too much of a chance to shine, but he cranks out bladed weapons and in his spare time whipped up a prosthetic hand for our main man, Rick. I think Earl’s popularity will rise throughout the year.

The Mullet enters the arena!
Eugene went from craven liar to invaluable member of the new world. And he lost some weight! Good job, Euge!
Morgan arrived very early in the series, and at a very pivotal time for Rick. He rejoined the group later, a little worse for the wear, but still surviving. Morgan’s was a tragic story.