Issue #128 of The Walking Dead answered a few more questions, but many characters are still missing from the new storyline! Comments across the site have reflected speculation about several things we have yet to see, and we found 10 of our favorite comments and posted them here:

Seanem44: Shane will be back. Along with Ricks right hand.

JW Coombs: Not so sure about that. But I can guarantee one thing; if the fair’s serving booze, you can bet Bob Stookey’s gonna make the journey! LOL

3Jason Thomas: I’m thinking they will bring back Ezekiel with his new pet bear.

Japanese Business Man: Everyone but Dwight.

Zimovski: I’m okay with any changes as long as they leave her hair alone. Michonne is badass just the way she is. I also hate your avatar (Leo Velez).

ThatepicBeast U know: Metallica. Enough said.

chris bigger: the next issue will be Dwight’s turn…..I think. Sorry Jason but Ezekiel will be bald.

Larh Badger: well we got to meet the guys on the cover of 130. havent seen rain in a while either. itd be cool to be a weather related threat. that could be different.

Brett Hebrew: Most likely Tyreese and Abraham. Possibly Morgan too.

Myrna Santana: I need Dwight.

Myrna, we’re pretty sure you’re the only one who feels that way.

Thanks, everyone, for the amusing comments, and thanks to The Intern for helping us pick the best ones. Maybe we’ll see some of these things come true in #129…?