We put together all the wonderful reactions/lament/conspiracy theories from the Issue #144 discussion across the interwebs. Here’s what you guys had to say:

tarzombie (from TWD.com): Not since issue 100 have I dreaded turning the page so much

ze11afe11a: (from Reddit): Am I the only one who saw the dreadlocks and rick’s reaction and immediately thought it was going to be michonne? I was furious, turned the page, breathed a sigh of relief that it was “only” Ezekiel, and then got instantly mad again that she killed Ezekiel. It was a rollercoaster of emotion.

Christoper Guzman (from Facebook): Bwwhdkejwbhdjejiajbdbdwhjakksndbdb Aaahhhhsha

LiBrizzi (from Reddit): Losing Ezekiel hurts, especially considering the last time we see him alive he is extremely happy, but Rosita hurt me deeper. Eugene is going to be absolutely crushed by this. Even if the child wasn’t his, he already accepted it, he was going to father that child. That’s gone now. Eugene is the last of the fantastic 3.

The Mighty Caige (from Reddit): I think Rick is going to get revenge on The Whisperers the only way he knows how…by letting the only person to ever really challenge him go after them.
Negan will kill Alpha and then become the Alpha of the group and try to destroy Rick once again by leading them all back to Alexandria.

Exo Epic (from TWD.com): Alpha’s getting A-HEAD of herself…. no? Anyone? Hello?

arethehorsesinthestable (from TWD.com): I could not wait to pick up the printed issue at lunchtime from my local shop so I bought a digital version this morning! Psyched that Lydia is coming to live with Rick and Carl. Maybe she’s pregnant? Wouldn’t that be a kicker! I am not psyched that all those people were skewered- especially Olivia, Rosita and Ezekiel. Damn, poor Eugene. I feel so bad for him, his dreams of domestic bliss and fatherhood are all gone. How freaking sad. Who the hell is going to lead The Kingdom now that Zeke is dead?!!? I betcha Rick is going to give a lot of thought to Alpha’s speech about suppressing our animal instincts. President Rick, Kinder Gentler Rick and Rebuilding Civilization Rick might become Animal Rick again (a la The Hunters or the guys who tried to rape Carl way back when) and start All Out War Part 2 with The Whisperers!! But damn, The Whisperer’s walker herd was massive and he would probably hate to have that unleashed on Alexandria. Or The Hilltop, since Alpha and The Whisperers know where that is since they swapped Dante for Lydia a few issues back. Damn, the possibilities in future issues of TWD are endless and will keep me reading for years to come! Everything since Issue #127 and the time leap has been superb, and I’m not just saying that in an effort to win the discussion contest for this issue ya hear!!

Vondarrien (from Reddit): Fucking Carl. What a pussy-whipped douche.

MaximumParty (from TWD.com): Welly well well, you guys are just FULL of surprises, i was like, “what the fuck just happened?” So i was not expecting anything of that calibur and i’m pretty sure i’m never going to yell as loud as i did ever again in my life, so thanks for that cause my neighbors now think i’m a fuckin crazy person, straight up worth it though hahha

Kevin Garrow (from Facebook): That’s how you end a Compendium. OMG!

Bastet (from TWD.com): Alpha sees The Survivors as weak. She also sees Lydia as weak. And there is no place among the Whisperers for the weak. I don’t think she’s sending Lydia off to be with Rick & Carl primarily because she fears for her safety but rather, she’s sending her off because she simply doesn’t belong with the Whisperers. She can’t offer her the life she needs, not safely… maybe not safe for Alpha herself as she does have a large group of Whisperers to contend with. Think animals… how they treat the weaker within their group… how the weaker would compromise their safety in numbers. As for Alpha’s tears of emotion, that’s normal, being that Lydia is her daughter… but the difference is that she won’t dwell on the pain and let that pain consume her. That’s what makes her strong, according to her. So therefore, she is able to smack Lydia & send her away. I’m sure Alpha realizes that The Survivors have managed to somehow thrive & for quite some time, therefore, Lydia has somewhat of a better chance with them than being out on her own. Alpha wouldn’t want to join them because she feels they’re not free.
That’s just my take on it.

toothrot (from TWD.com): so….I guess the Carnival is OFF next year?