Hey all. I thought maybe you’d like to see what’s being said about Sunday’s episode, 309, “The Suicide King.”

First, the episode smashed ratings records, even with The Grammy’s over on CBS! 16.6 million people watched The Walking Dead Sunday night, if you include the encore showings. The Hollywood Reporter has the details. HUGE thanks to everyone for tuning in, and congrats to all of the cast and crew.

Clark Collis over at EW has a nice post-episode discussion with Robert about the episode.

The LA Times talked to Glenn Mazzara about the episode and Rick’s ghostly vision.

Did you spot future Hall-of-Famer Hines Ward in the episode? He was the big zombie just outside the Woodbury gates as our group escapes early in the episode. First Dark Knight Rises and now The Walking Dead? Hines is killing it on the cameo circuit.

And last, the guys at The Walker Stalkers have their weekly episode discussion and an interview with future fan-favorite Chad Coleman. Chad seems like such a nice guy.