It’s that time of year when you need to start thinking about what the hell to get all the people on your Christmas list. But fear not! If you’re into The Walking Dead or know someone who is, just use this list to help find something cool and unique! Our shop has WAY more than what’s below, this list is just our new and/or unique items!

Under $15

Plush tombstones! For a comic full of profanity and violence, these plush tombstones are adorable, and a great gift for the younger fan. $9.99

Our PVC figures are really cool. We have these custom sculpted right here in LA and it’s awesome to watch them come together. We currently have Michonne (with her two pets), Rick, Carl, and Negan. $15

The Walking Dead softcover trades are all on sale for $12 and one of the best and most popular ways to consume The Walking Dead. TWD is traditionally planned out in 6-issue arcs, which are released twice a year in softcover. With our softcover volumes you’re not waiting TOO long in between reading.

Under $25

2013 saw the beginning of our ALL OUT WAR storyline in which the four primary factions—The Survivors, The Saviors, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom—go to war. We made both hats ($19.99) and shirts ($19.99) for each faction. Buy a Saviors shirt for your evil little brother.

It’s the signature hat from everyone’s favorite video game survivor in Telltale Games’ awesome, award-winning adventure game! Clem’s hat is $19.99.

NEGAN!!! Our exclusive figure from the incomparable McFarlane Toys just came out in time for Black Friday. It’s a limited run and they’re going pretty quick. They make an awesome gift for fans of the comic. If you’re just a show fan, trust us that you will flip when Negan shows up. He’s everyone’s favorite bad guy. Available in full color or in B&W edition with red blood splatter. $25.

Under $50

Hardcover editions of The Walking Dead are just $35. Unlike the softcover editions which have 6 issues per, these hardbound editions contain 12 issues each and also have the cover artwork for each issue inside. They make for a little more serious look on a bookshelf. Because comics are serious, people.

Also part of our ALL OUT WAR Faction line are our new messenger bags. They come in any color you want so long as it’s black and have the faction emblem embroidered on them. They look REAL nice. $40

The most economical way to read The Walking Dead? Our compendiums. Each one has a whopping 48 issues. No letters, no cover art, just pure, hard-hitting story from front to back. There are currently two compendiums. $50 each.

We had a limited number of these slipcase editions made of the Rise of the Governor novel by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga and then we hoarded them in our warehouse. It’s the same great novel in a much prettier package for special occasions like, oh I don’t know, Christmas? This version also contains interstitial artwork from TWD artist Charlie Adlard! $50

Under $100

We have a few units of our SDCC-exclusive TWD watch left. These are awesome items that you won’t find anywhere else. Each watch case is hand-numbered of a limited edition and sells for $75.

The Walking Dead Omnibus is like the Rolls Royce of Walking Dead consumption. Gorgeous slipcase with minimal artwork, oversize pages that let the reader drink in the detail in the art, and full-cover color galleries. Each Omnibus contains 24 issues of TWD, half of the compendiums. $90.

If the Omnibus is a Rolls Royce, then our limited edition hardcover compendiums are the Bentleys of our book versions—well-made, great-looking, exclusive, but still practical. They do not include any extras. Like the softcover compendiums, the hardcovers have 48 issues per book and sell right now for $90.

The Big One

And for those of you out there that need to get a big gift for the Walking Dead fan that has everything? Our limited edition Peavey Predator guitar. We only had 100 of these made for San Diego back in July and when they’re gone, that’s it. Beautiful silver Charlie Adlard zombies on a glossy black electric guitar. They are bad ass. And also $500.