The Walking Dead issue 109 is out and in your hands! Glenn’s grave is causing a whole change in the mindset of the hilltop—even in death he’s a source of hope! Rick’s letting the word out that he’s taking on Negan, with some mixed reaction. Spencer whined some more. Jesus introduced Maggie to his blacksmith buddy, Earl (very suave). And Kal skipped town after learning Jesus’ super secret plans to attack Negan. D’OH! I bet Dwight’s gonna have a bad time when Negan learns there’s a traitor in their midst.

What did you think?

Is Gregory creepy or super creepy?
How emo is Carl’s hair?
How long before Rick stub-slaps Spencer?
Who’s going to end up on the business end of Maggie’s new knife?
What’s everyone doing for Free F**k Day (August 14)?