“A chain of events was set forth on this day. A chain of events that could well lead to the deaths of every last one of your fucking group.”

Man, action-packed and TENSE. And what’s going to happen in 114?! ALL OUT WAR is just around the corner!

What did you think?

Looks like Dwight gave Jesus real intel (it’s just that Negan’s crew was off taking on Rick). Can we trust Dwight yet?
Will Jesus show up to save the day?
Can Andrea get off a clean shot from the tower now (as pointed out below, her gun got knocked away but maybe she had a backup or her attacker dropped a piece, dunno, just throwing it out there)?
Will the Survivors be forced to toss Carl over the wall?
Can Lucille be saved?!
Why WOULD a horse be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

UPDATE: I’m giving a Robert Kirkman-signed copy of 113 away to my favorite comment below! If you’re a fan of the site you might have a feel for what I like. I’ll pick on Friday afternoon (west coast time).

UPDATE 2: WINNING COMMENT: Stanley Ho! Not only did you guys seem to like it, but I like his comparison to the Governor and his argument for why Negan is even WORSE (it’s true, he is). Stanley, I will find you and destroy you, errr, get you the signed 113.