In this issue of The Walking Dead Maggie makes Gregory her bitch, reminding him what a limp turd he is before declaring her full faith in Rick Grimes. Bitchin’. I think The Hilltop is going to have a recall election and Maggie Greene is leading the polls. Rick and Jesus handedly (insert stump joke) take out one of Negan’s outposts. Ezekiel, we learn, did not fare so well in his attack on another outpost. Ill-prepared and inexperienced, if Ezekiel’s assault was in any way a success it’s only because walkers swarmed that outpost. And worst of all, he lost Shiva during his panicked retreat. I am inconsolable.

Discussion points

Maggie, taking charge like a BOSS. You guys happy to see her back in the plot?
Are you surprised that Ezekiel fumbled like that?
How bad ass are Rick and Jesus? One of them DEFINITELY should have gone with Ezekiel though, right?
What’s going to happen next week? More outposts to take down? Will Ezekiel bounce back? Is Shiva REALLY gone?
I’d ask more questions but I need to go to the store for more tissues. I have allergies. Definitely allergies. *sniff*
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Troy wins Best comment! Not because he had the most votes but because I got a little misty when I read it.