This week in TWD, Negan’s assault on Alexandria shifts into high gear, with grenades decimating the place. Denise refuses to amputate her arm so she can save Heath, ensuring that she’ll become a walker, Jesus throws a grenade BACK at the Saviors, because that’s what Jesus does, Dwight proves his allegiance to the Survivors, and Maggie shows up with reinforcements, driving Negan off before he can completely destroy the Safe Zone but the damage is done.

Where do the Survivors go from here?
What’s Negan’s next move? He’s clearly feeling pretty good about things.
Dwight’s on our side, right? Or is he playing the REALLY long con?
What’s up with Rick fainting? Too much excitement or something worse?

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UPDATE. We’ve said it’s not a popularity contest, but damned if the thought of Rance’s mom dissing Negan’s manhood didn’t make us laugh. Lizzy thinks Rance’s mom is fictitious but Lizzy’s a Cynical Cindy [umm, hello, pot calling the kettle black? -Lizzy]. Congrats, Rance!