We’re doing something a little different this week! I want people to be able to discuss Issue 121 as soon as they get it (and with digital release, some of you have it already!), so we’re not going to list the major plot points in this post until tomorrow! But for now, you have a place to talk amongst yourselves!

Eugene, CAPTURED thanks to a small bladder. (By the way, I love Negan’s reaction to Eugene falling in his lap)
Rick decides to move everyone to The Hilltop after seeing the destruction caused by Negan.
Heath is unable to take care of Denise when she turns. No shame in that. Michonne steps in, somewhat reluctantly back in the thick of things after she had laid up her sword before ALL OUT WAR.
Rick leaves the phone behind! Moving on, brother!
Negan tries to intimidate The Mullet. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. Stay strong, Euge!

Rick has left the phone behind! That’s gotta be a good thing, right?!
It’s the end of Alexandria! What awaits our Survivors at The Hilltop?
Is Eugene going to crack?!
Will Dwight step in?! What was up with that look he gave Carson at the end there?

Below: Give us a comment! The best comment (not based on votes, Lizzy and I pick, so go ahead and woo us) will get a signed issue of 121!