We want fans to be able to talk about Issue 122 as soon as they get it (which is midnight for digital release at ImageComics.com)! We’re not going to list the major plot points in this post until tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait for guided discussion then! But for now, you have a place to talk amongst yourselves! And yes, we’ll give a little sumthin’ away to our favorite comment (not necessarily based on votes!).


In this week’s exciting issue of The Walking Dead:
Dwight is discovered by Carson and then… joined by him?! Or is it a clever ruse?
Brianna lets Maggie know that they’re fate is on her. Will Maggie prevail? Will Rick prove himself?
Ezekiel promises a half-asleep Michonne that he’s found a secret supply of whoop-ass. Bad ass inbound?
We learn that Denise did an awesome job on Heath’s leg. Hero’s exit!
Rosita worries about The Euge. After Abraham, Eugene and her were the last of that trio. Will she see him again?
We see that Jesus has a cute little relationship going with Alex.
Negan devices a new strategy: gunk up your weapons with zombie bits, aim to injure, and let the zombie hordes that result destroy the Survivors. Will this work?! (This kind of speaks to this article from yesterday.)
Rick goes to Earl and asks him to make him a hand. Can an Army of Darkness hand be far away?
The rest of Alexandria shows up and Rick tells the council that he just needs a day or so to make it work.
Negan tells his men they attack at sundown.

YIKES! Our group’s not going to be ready! Actually lots of little story stuff this week, from Dwight to Jesus to Maggie to Rick to Negan’s plan. What did you guys think?! Only 4 parts of All Out War left!!!

We’ll give a Robert Kirkman signed 122 to our favorite comment below! We don’t base it on votes, but it helps us out, so if you like what someone has to say, let ’em know!