As soon as you’ve read The Walking Dead #123 (which is out digitally at midnight at come stop on by and discuss the issue here!

We’re not going to list the major plot points until tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait a few more hours for the guided discussion! But at least as humanity is being ripped apart in the comics, you can all come together as a community and talk about how #ShivaLives.


And remember, we’re always on the look out for the best comment. One lucky person who tugs our heart strings the hardest, makes us laugh the loudest, or just says something mind-blowingly insightful will win a signed copy of Issue 123.

So, without further ado, talk amongst yourselves!


Recap and discussion questions brought to you by Lizzy this week! Exciting! Here we go…

Eugene is free! Almost. What do you think happened to that group of Saviors that tried to escape? Are they gonna make it?

“You’ve lost your Dale… maybe you’ve got a Rick out there.” We learn that while Andrea is able to move on, Maggie is an even-after-death-do-we-part type of gal. Such feels.

Carl. Carl Carl Carl. You are never going to score with Sophia if you keep bringing up her tendency to suppress scarring memories. This is not the way to a lady’s heart!

Rick shows some optimism! Is this a new direction for his character? Or is Negan going to sweep in a destroy everything?

Looks like the latter, given that the Saviors arrive at the Hilltop! Spear guy gets shot (bringing a spear to a gun fight is even worse than bringing a bat, apparently) and Negan instructs the Saviors to get their weapons all nice and gooey. Dwight resists at first, but gives in. Or does he!?

The truck does a number on Hilltop’s walls, bullets fly and the Saviors come rolling in on murdercycles. Rick barely misses getting run down while Andrea and Carl try to shut down the cars. Marcus gets shanked (quite literally) and Ezekiel has a quiet moment of bravery as he covers Michonne. Maybe he’s back to being a tiger-wielding bad ass? Without the tiger, of course.

MEANWHILE, Negan and Dwight sneak behind the barricade where there’s a clear shot of Rick. Negan urges Dwight to fire “even if it’s not a kill shot,” and Dwight gets him in the side with a bolt. Negan declares, “Game fucking over.” But is it?

All in all, the issue ends in the middle of battle, with no side clearly ahead. Will the Saviors get to the house and slaughter the survivors? Or does Rick have some secret weapon in store? Do you think Dwight has infected Rick with zombie-bolts, or is it a clean wound? Let us know in the comments! Our favorite comment gets a copy of 123 signed by Robert!

UPDATED AGAIN! – The winner

Our favorite comment was from Dylan Willey, whose panel-punchline we found especially poignant (what an alliteration!). Also, we’re sorry it’s too soon.

Congrats, Dylan, you get a signed copy of #123!