We’re on the west coast and we know you’re not all on our schedule (thanks a lot, East Coast). So we put this post up early so you can, at your leisure, come talk about THE WALKING DEAD #124, ALL OUT WAR PART 10 as soon as you get it!

We’re not going to list the major plot points until tomorrow, but we have high confidence that you’ll hit all the salient points! I mean, it’s not you AREN’T going to notice Jesus riding Shiva into battle, right? #WeCanDream

And remember, we want you at your commenting best. One super clever/smart/lucky person who posts the objectively best comment (as judged by yours truly and the ever-impressive Lizzy) will win a signed copy of Issue 124.

Now, get to discussin’.


Ok, here are the major plot points for the issue:
Jesus: Badass.
Carl: Badass.
Eugene: Badass? Yup.

The Hilltop ambush with the headlights, that was tight, right?!
Carson and Jesus manage to piece together the tainted weapons strategy, which leads to a shocked Rick and co. WE STILL DON’T KNOW!
Negan once again looks mighty pleased with himself after getting his ass kicked.

Only two issues of ALL OUT WAR left. How will it all end?!

UPDATE: And our favorite comment was from Hatty Flanagan!