THE END OF ALL OUT WAR! We know you (probably) haven’t read Issue 126 yet, but as we’ve been doing lately, we’re getting this post in place early, so as soon as you have it you can talk about it. And you’re probably going to want to talk about it. Love it or hate it, that ending will elicit a reaction. And we’d love to hear what you thought about ALL OUT WAR now that it’s over. I can’t believe Robert and the crew pulled off 12 issues in less than 7 months. Super impressive. Good work, gang!

Also, as per usual, we’ll be giving away a signed copy of 126 to one semi-coherent, possibly humorous, possibly life-changing comment in the section below. Be concise. Be clever. Don’t be a dick. Upvotes don’t win, but they help spotlight good comments. Don’t task your Twitter followers/Facebook friends/cellmates with voting for you, but do be a good community member and if you like a comment, give ’em props with an upvote.

Now get to it and Lizzy will be back tomorrow with some updated discussion points (I’ll be off to Baton Rouge and Houston for the Escape, so come say “hi” if you’re there!).

UPDATED: Discussion points!

Dwight for Saviors President 20… what year is it? Anyway, do you think the Saviors are really just going to return home, following another bat-wielding leader without complaint? Are they still a threat without Negan leading them?

Rick’s leg vs. Negan’s life. Rick made the altruistic choice… but did he make the right one?

What did you think of the conclusion of Carl’s storyline this arc?

And, of course, the final page, the end of All Out War. What did you think about Rick’s choice to leave Negan alive, rotting in jail?

Was All Out War everything you hoped it would be?

Issue #127 predictions, anyone?

UPDATED AGAIN: And the winner of best comment is joe, whose comment about Rick Grimes’s strength is summed up by one of the last sentences of his post: “Loved All Out War or hated it, you have to admit, itโ€™s given us yet another example of why our hero of our franchise is up there with the best โ€” you canโ€™t keep Rick Grimes down.”