Whew, it’s ROUGH waiting an entire month for an issue! Forgot what that was like. But you’re patience has been rewarded with a brand-spanking new issue of TWD.

At the time of posting, most people have not had a chance to read the issue, so in an effort to keep spoilers to a minimum, this post will be missing discussion points for a bit. We’ll update midday Wednesday!

Once you HAVE read it, come back here and discuss it! We’re going to let Intern Stephan pick his favorite comment and that person will take home a signed copy (by Robert Kirkman) of the issue. Feel free to butter Intern Stephan up, bring your A game. Mostly I just want to see how he deals with disappointing every single commenter except for one.

UPDATE: And the winner is… Carly Hudson! Carly’s comment about complaining teenage Carl was funny and, we thought, insightful as well (carving figurines could make anyone go stir crazy after a while).