Issue 130 is out!!! Once you have it, this is the place to talk about it! The preview tag is: “There were whispers and I was afraid.”

Read the issue, mull everything over, and come back here to discuss the issue. If you bring the best comment we’re going to give you a signed 130 and a two-pack of Skybound Minis!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some thoughts of my own, but really I think there’s just ONE big thing to discuss…

Ok, I’m back. A couple days late, sure. But back. The one big thing to talk about that you didn’t need me to point out: TALKING ZOMBIES. What the f? Has Kirkman lost his mind? Are the walkers evolving? Or is it something else entirely?

And what’s Carl going to do now that Earl got a sidekick? That situation is a little…


UPDATE: Our favorite comment belonged to Carrie, who said,

HOLY WHAT. Oh my grimes. This issue. One of my favorites in a while!! So glad Magna didn’t buy into Negan’s crap. Baby Hershel couldn’t be more adorable but I still miss my Glenn :'(

I’m not sure how to approach what happened with the talker-AHEM I mean walkers. Could there have been people camoflouged within the walkers just like Michonne did once? Possibly. But rereading the speech bubbles again I notice they aren’t complete sentences (“Where they go.”) which is EXACTLY how a walker would communicate. ARRRG I gotta hand it to Kirkman, did not foresee this development!

Congrats, Carrie!