Welcome to the 131 Discussion! Spoilers follow, naturally, so step away if you haven’t read yet. Otherwise…

If you were expecting a definitive answer to The Mystery of The Talking Walkers this issue then you must be a little bummed out. You must also not know Robert Kirkman. Everything in due time. Aside from that, some quick hits:

Sophia is quite the little badass now.

The boys at The Hilltop are perfecting their moonshine.

Dante, who seems to have a thing for Maggie, is sent off to look for Ken and winds up in a spot of trouble.

Earl kicks ass at BBQ construction.

Carl got the job after all. It was very emo of him to just assume that Earl couldn’t have two apprentices.

Sophia seems pretty pumped that Carl’s staying.

Rick makes a joke.

Michonne is alluded to mysteriously. “And even after all that happened… I miss Michonne.”

Something is up between Rosita and Eugene.

Aaaaand Magna and her crew get rough with Andrea just as the issue comes to a close.

So what did everyone think? Carl’s pretty happy, huh? Is Andrea going to get water-boarded? What happened between Rick and Michonne? Or am I just reading too much into that? Lots of things put into place this issue…

As per usual, we will send a Robert Kirkman-signed 131 to our favorite comment, as determined by yours truly, Lizzy Lizzenheimer, and intern-cum-full-timer Stephan “Little Rooster” Muri-something.

Let’s try and keep the commentary on-topic. We’ve had some comment threads lately that tend to… meander. It’s not very inviting to new-comers. Otherwise, go nuts, kids!

UPDATE: And the winner is… Jake Maese! Congrats!

Honorable mentions: JW Coombs and Carly Hudson, who also contributed some awesome images. This discussion post was kind of the best thing ever to read through.