The Walking Dead 140 is out this week! This post is here for you, dear reader, to discuss this issue as soon as you get your grubby little mitts on it. We’re putting this up early, so we’re not going to give anything away BUT, I will tell you this: prepare yourself before the end because you may rip your copy up. #Cliffhanger #NotTakingAboutTheStalloneMovie #ButThatMovieIsAwesome

Drop a comment, like it is hot, in the comments section below and we will send, via post, to you, a signed copy of issue 140, provided that your comment is qualified as the absolute best by Lizzy Iverson (no relation to Allen—or wait, Lizzy, ARE YOU RELATED TO ALLEN IVERSON?!?!) and myself.

UPDATE: And the winner is… JoshW, whose comparison of Maggie and Rick was both fun and insightful. Look out for an email from us and we’ll get that signed comic straight in the mail!