The Walking Dead 142 hits stores this week and this is YOUR post to discuss it! No spoilers until it’s out, but that last panel spells trouble. And Sean Mackiewicz has the best letter hacks sign off I’ve ever seen.

I’ll scour the comments with a fine-toothed comb to find the comment that I like the most. Maybe it’s funny. Maybe it’s brilliant. Maybe it’s both. But whichever ends up being my favorite will be getting a Robert Kirkman-signed copy of The Walking Dead issue 142.



BarbaLucy takes this issue’s discussion! I was curious who would drive home the point of the confrontation between Rick and Maggie. I’m curious about that as well. AND, she (or he) posted before the 146 cover came out (I think—I know we posted a bit late this month). Also the call on who will come back from their trip to the Whisperers. Who indeed..? Remember, 143 is out NEXT WEEK! HUZZAH!