Here is YOUR post to discuss the brand new Issue #143! How about that ending?! YOWZA!

I will be picking the absolute creme-de-la-creme comment and rewarding that person with BANG! The Walking Dead Edition. But that’s not all. You’ll also get the JUST RELEASED BANG! We Are the Walking Dead Expansion Pack. But that’s not all. You’ll ALSO get BANG! THE DICE GAME, The Walking Dead Edition! I am promoting our products and rewarding you at the same time! So bring a fresh take down below!



I bet you thought we forgot! I’ll have you know the fact that I haven’t picked a winner for issue #143 has kept me up at night for weeks BUT NO LONGER! I made Johnny help me go through the comments and we have deemed… MRLUCILLE as the best comment! He wins with ONE WORD. “F**k.” He used a period! Not even an exclamation mark! And then he drops a Negan pic. Well played. It’s pretty much exactly how I felt at the end of #143.