Here it is: Issue #146 discussion! How will the citizens of Alexandria (and beyond) react to what’s happened? Find out when you pick it up and then come discuss it RIGHT HERE! Best comment below (Johnny will pick his top 3 and I’ll pick a winner from that, so feel free to butter him up) will PROBABLY win a Robert Kirkman-signed 146. I don’t actually have them in hand but we should be able to get one or two signed this week… And if not, hey, you’ll get something else from the archives!

Rick and his group bury what remains of their friends, lashing out at each other and struggling to find the proper response. Ricks knows that this could ruin everything. They return to Alexandria to break the terrible news…



“The last time Maggie knocked Rick out was when Negan killed Glenn. It seemed inevitable that those two would be in conflict, especially with their different methods of dealing with a threat. Maggie’s way may make sense on the surface, but I can understand why Rick is the real leader. Using violence to solve things can only work to a certain point…
And will someone note that Rick hit Maggie by accident, please? He did not mean to hurt her. And I think that he let her pummel him to show just how wrong it is lead with your emotions in a crisis. Whether or not she will learn her lesson from this, I cannot say… But I am sure now that as we head toward #150, there will be some very weird and frightening moments for all concerned. And I am also sure that someone will be dumb enough to let Negan loose…again…Just my thoughts.”

So many amazing comments this time around! We liked this comment ESPECIALLY for the callback to the Negan/Glenn moment (RIP) AND how UnderSolo pointed out the leadership tension in Alexandria. Congrats for winning! Remember to keep commenting on these comic discussion posts and YOU could win a Robert Kirkman-signed copy!!