As the community continues to grapple with the attack and threat of the Whisperers, Rick responds to Eugene’s plan…

This is YOUR post to discuss issue #147. Best comment below (Johnny will pick his top 3 and I’ll pick a winner from that, so feel free to butter him up) will win a Robert Kirkman-signed 147. He hasn’t signed it yet which means we will get it PERSONALIZED for whomever wins! Have we offered that before?!

Maggie confessed that she executed Gregory, which escalated into a heated confrontation with Rick. But as cooler heads prevailed there, Rick returned home to find Eugene waiting for him. Devastated by Rosita’s murder, Eugene demanded that the Whisperers must die… and that Rick can use Lydia as bait to draw Alpha out…

Comment Winner!

Oh shit, Sean Mathews (seanmathews1) is our comment winner! We don’t blame you for your imagination running wild; the issue DOES end super dramatically (not like 144 dramatically, but still). We appreciate you being super enthusiastic about each issue! Keep reading and we’ll see you for 148! Now, here’s the winning comment in all it’s oh shit glory:
“When Rick started telling Michonne about how deep his love and connection to Andrea was, only one thing ran through my mind. “Oh Shit. Andrea’s dead.” Now at the end of the issue, Lydia has a gun trained on Andrea and only one thing goes through my mind. “Oh Shit. Andrea’s dead.” Now all I can think is “Oh Shit. I really hope Andrea doesn’t die.”

These future cover releases do nothing to help. Rick turns into Negan, pushed by Andrea’s death? Or maybe Rick is betrayed when Maggie gives up both Carl and Lydia as bate to Alpha. Who knows, but my imagination is unfortunately running wild. For some reason, I am more scared now than any point in this comic’s history. On a side note, I really loved the conversation Rick had with Michonne. Both were so vulnerable and honest. 150 is going to be a doozy.”