If you hate spoilers and haven’t read The Walking Dead Issue #156 then scream, throw your phone, and sprint out of the room you’re in because we’re discussing them! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED…

Issue #156 delivered arguably the most jaw-dropping endings since #144’s head on a stake shocker. After witnessing Alpha condone the rape of one of her own Negan follows one of the last remaining moral compasses he has and BEHEADS the leader of the Whisperers herself! We compiled the best Twitter fan reactions to this abrupt plot twist below…enjoy:

Fans were Freaking the F**k Out

Some fans even sympathized with Alpha

But Most fans jumped on the Negan Bandwagon

Finally, the fans Accepted it

We agree! But what did YOU think of the 156 ending? Craziest since Issue 144? Since Issue 100?!?! Debate it in the comments!