THE WALKING DEAD issue #158 is out, and hopefully you’ve read it, made finger puppets of the characters, re-enacted the issue for local school children, mailed us a check for rights to said performance, wondered where you’re going to get the money so the check doesn’t bounce, taken out a second mortgage on your home, wondered why on Earth you did that stupid performance anyway, realized that your finger puppets were on point tho, and are now ready to comment. That almost certainly being the case, let us know what you thought down below! We’ll be awarding our favorite comment with a signed issue of THE WALKING DEAD #158!


The winner of this issue’s comment contest is JoeCool4TWD! Although the other comments were amazing and we’re glad there’s love out there for Father Gabriel we couldn’t help but give it crown this punny guy! Here’s what they said:

“Well, Father Gabriel had one misstep too many, and it broke him. He ended up hanging with the new crowd after his world was turned upsidedown, and he even spilled his guts to the leader. You could tell something was eating him, but he left the story, sadly, without getting the help he needed.”

Yes yes, indeed. Make sure to check your email (and junk email) so we can get your info to send you that signed copy!

PREVIOUSLY: War between Alexandria and the Whisperers was inevitable. So when Negan gifts Alpha’s head to Rick, there’s no turning back. Dwight leads the troops in the field while Gabriel plays lookout in a water tower. What he sees is an army of walkers advancing toward their position.