THE WALKING DEAD issue #169 is out NOW! Alexandria is still on its heels in the wake of a massive last-ditch walker assault courtesy of the Whisperers. Will Alexandria continue to rebuild or crumble? Read the issue, mull it over, and come strong with a take in the comments below. We’ll be awarding our favorite comment with a SHIVA FORCE JESUS (bloody or clean, YOU PICK) from the latest MEGABOX!


We are BACK from San Diego Comic Con and ready to update the comment winners on these babies. Here we go: the winner of the Issue #169 discussion is tippersezekielshiva! Loved your passion for waiting for the comics and the observation that despite how much people like yourself can count out Rick, he drops a “what’s another grave” line. What a man. The Carl and Lydia being the next Rick and Andrea is interesting and we’re glad you’re just as excited as we are for the road to Ohio. See you next month!

PREVIOUSLY: As the Alexandrians begin to repair their town, John and the Saviors demand answers. What they don’t expect is for Negan to be the one giving them. War between the two sides is averted, allowing Rick, his family, and friends to lay Andrea and the other fallen soldiers to rest.