Have you had a chance to play The Walking Dead: Assault yet? As of right now, the current build has an average of 4.5 stars over 389 reviews in the App Store. Pretty awesome. Here are some press reviews:

Touch Arcade:

“…slick as all heck, with a gorgeous isometric take on the comic book’s style”

“…a welcome change of pace from the usual first and third person zombie shooters, with smartly designed squad-based mechanics”

“…an atmospheric take on The Walking Dead series that delivers some surprisingly tense, often challenging entertainment.”

“…it’s obvious Skybound and Gamagio put a lot of thought and care into making Assault a true tactical zombie experience.”

“…Assault is brilliantly designed for the simplicity of the iPhone and iPad.  What could have been a cheap-cash-in is a surprisingly appealing strategy game.”

Do you already own it? Sound off in the comments. What do you want to see in future chapters? What do you like/dislike?