Another contest come to a successful close. iTunes codes have been sent to the winners. The Walking Dead: Assault is available in the iTunes store and there’s word around the office that we’re going to be doing some more game challenges really soon, so definitely pick up the game if you want to compete with us.
Give these winners a follow (in no particular order):

Theodore Douglas: T-Dog, I thought you were dead. And yet here you are winning Twitter contests. Unbelievable.

Cody Campbell: Cody has tweeted twice in the last year and a half. Once for this contest, and once something super inappropriate. I’m not going to think about this too much, just take it as a compliment that he dusted off his twitter account for us. Apparently in between doing something else.

Dani: Dani also reads the comic. You hear that everybody? Cool kids read The Walking Dead in addition to watching the show. Also, dogs like her. So do we.

Sean Ellsworth: Sean tweets about the PS4 a lot, but I can’t tell if he’s getting one. Strangely, I’m the same way.

Chazlyn: Chazlyn lives in South Oregon, which means she is approximately 50% Portlandia and 50% NorCal hippy.

Raf Colina: Raf’s favorite part of the week is when The Walking Dead airs. Awwww. He also loves M83’s Midnight City which is probably one of the best songs of the last 5 years. Fun fact: I’ve been listening to M83 for about 8 years. #imahipster

Nicolas Barragan: Nicolas loves Game of Thrones (don’t we all?) and is from Argentina, so when he laughs it looks like this: jajajaja.

The Laughing Dead: The dead don’t laugh. If you find yourself with a dead body that is laughing, please dial 911 or run like f*ing crazy.

David Fallin: David “Free” Fallin loves The Walking Dead, South Park, and Arrested Development, so he’s OK by me.

Shimon Dyskin: Who spelled Daryl wrong, but it’s ok because I don’t think English is his first language. Also, he was named after Michael Jackson’s famous “shamone” refrain. I made that last part up.