The Walking Dead has cast Tom Payne (known for his role in HBO’s “Luck”) to play fan favorite Paul Monroe AKA Jesus in Season 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Payne will soon become a series regular with an option to appear in Season 7 and beyond.

First introduced in The Walking Dead Issue #91, Jesus is a highly skilled, logical man that joins Alexandria from the Hilltop Colony after encountering Rick’s group. Although it’s unsure how long his story arc will last, Jesus is currently still alive in the comics and plays a major role in the All Out War story arc that features notorious villain Negan.

TWD comic fans have been patiently waiting the introduction of Negan this season and this casting announcement might pave the way for that story to come to fruition.




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SO comic fans, what do YOU think this means for Season 6? How do you like this casting for Jesus. Let us know in the comments below: