Before the group can split up we need to re-adjust which characters hold the most power in The Walking Dead. Here are our new rankings following Issue #169:

1. Rick


“What’s one more fucking grave?” Jesus, Rick. Way to put Dwight in his place. Rick did the most this issue: he used Eugene’s secret radio to make a connection, recruited a team for the trip, metaphorically buried Dwight, and allowed Carl to be free at the Hilltop. HOWEVER, for the first time in what seems like a while Rick got denied by some his most loyal supporters to go on his mission. He’s clearly still the top power holder, but is his influence slipping?

2. Maggie


Now that the dust has settled Maggie’s ready to rebuild The Hilltop, and if that works we’re ready for her to be Rick Grimes 2.0.

3. Carl


Carl grows up more and more each issue. In this one he properly mourned his mom and informed Rick of his intentions to live at The Hilltop. We should all be excited for Carl’s new independence.

4. Michonne


Michonne may be a bit too confident about her mission but as the leader for the Ohio mission she holds a tremendous amount of power.

5. Eugene (+4)


Sure, Eugene should have divulged his contact with Stephanie to Rick ages ago. BUT, that’s now in the past and Rick’s sending a task force to meet with this new group. Considering Eugene is the only one Stephanie trusts it seems that he ultimately holds all the cards (and power) in this exchange.

6. Dwight (-1)


Even though Dwight got obliterated by Rick this issue it seems like the two can at least coexist together. And with the community splitting up to Ohio and The Hilltop they’ll need to get along more than ever. The question is – can they ever bury the hatchet?

7. Jesus (+1)


Jesus surprisingly bowed out of a mission that has his name written all over it. It was for love, and if Rick seems OK with it, we will too.

8. John (-2)


Has Rick finally rid himself of John and The Saviors? No one can be sure, so until their absence is truly felt we’ll leave them in the rankings.

9. Magna (NEW)


We are adding Magna because she’s been enlisted to help Michonne make contact with Eugene’s radio pal, and that could carry a lot of responsibility for her.

10. Negan (-3)


Negan sank to the bottom of our rankings because Rick and Dwight let him leave Alexandria. Although he seems to be out of the picture without any power or respect, Maggie’s still going to have Dante keep tabs on him. Who knows what he could be up to.

Off the list: Lydia We love Lydia but other than supporting Carl she doesn’t hold an incredible amount of power right now.

On the Bubble: Yumiko, Aaron, Siddiq

What do YOU think of our power rankings following Issue #169? Let us know in the comments below.