As we announced over on the mothership Skybound site, The Walking Dead is coming into the VR realm in a big way with our partners at Skydance Interactive! Their plans for multiple games and an immersive, story-driven VR experience blew us away and we can’t wait to see the final products.

From a joint statement by Skydance Media CEO David Ellison and President and COO Jesse Sisgold: “The Walking Dead is an iconic phenomenon and it is absolutely thrilling to work with Skybound to bring its incredibly diverse cast of characters, settings, and storylines together into a complete VR game package. Our goal at Skydance Interactive is to honor the visceral world that Kirkman has created while giving The Walking Dead’s fans something to really sink their teeth into with robust games that take the franchise to a completely new level.”

This is going to be awesome. Stay tuned for more info and head over to Skybound for the full press release and more info!