Need that perfect last-minute gift to give to that family member or friend who appreciates The Walking Dead as much as you do? Look no further than our selection of Holiday cards. Either share the images below online, or follow the links after to download high-res pages that you can print (kind of) easily and fold into legitimate, fancy schmancy holiday cards! Hallmark watch out!








Printed card instructions:

1. Print OUTSIDE page.

2. Print INSIDE page (you’ll see it’s flipped so that your card will work when folded). If your printer does not print double-sided, you have to print the first page, turn it over and place it back into the tray upside down, and then print the back page.

3. Cut along the guides.

4. Fold down the middle.

VOILA! Instant zombie cheer. Here are the links:

Negan card OUTSIDE
Negan card INSIDE

Jesus card OUTSIDE
Jesus card INSIDE

Season’s Eatings card OUTSIDE
Season’s Eatings card INSIDE

Season 4.5 card OUTSIDE
Season 4.5 card INSIDE