The Walking Dead issue 110 is out and your eyeballs are on it! Jesus managed to stop Kal from telling the Saviors about Dwight. (Or did he? Kal seemed to flip his story pretty fast…) Eugene has qualms about making ammo to kill the Saviors. Shiva almost ate Michonne. Ezekiel continued to be a lovable kook. Michonne showed what little patience she has for theatrics. And Ezekiel came clean about his past.

What did you think?

How badass was Jesus catching that spear and then snapping it half? Irresponsible waste of resources? Yes. Awesome? YES.
Do we really think Kal won’t go to Negan? Or was he just placating Jesus?
Will Ezekiel be murdered by PETA for keeping Shiva in a 5’x5′ cage?
Is Eugene going to stop making ammo because he’s a hippie? Never trust a mullet.
Is that romance I smell in the air between Ezekiel and Michonne?
How awesome is Ian in Letter Hacks for guessing Ezekiel’s pre-apocalypse job? Anyone else guess that TWO issues ago?