THE WALKING DEAD issue #164 is out NOW! Alexandria is overrun and Negan and Rick are in trouble! Read the issue and let us know what you thought down below. We’ll be awarding our favorite comment with a signed issue of THE WALKING DEAD #164 Image 25th Anniversary homage variant AS WELL as the INVINCIBLE #133 homage variant AS WELL as the OUTCAST BY KIRMAN & AZACETA #25 homage variant! BANANAS! And we’ll have an INVINCIBLE discussion post on and an OUTCAST discussion post on that will ALSO have those prizes! What a month!

PREVIOUSLY: The Whisperers unleashed a horde of walkers on Alexandria, the likes of which none of the residents had ever seen. The walkers have breeched the walls, and now everyone must fight for survival. Meanwhile, the Saviors bide their time, observing the carnage from a safe distance.