The winner of this discussion is Parratt22! As fun as it was to see all of your freaked out reactions (who said Andrea was bitten?) Parratt killed it with their deep analysis and observations. So congrats and look in your email for something from us! Also, we encourage everyone to keep commenting for future posts/discussions because we read them all (seriously, we do). Johnny out!

THE WALKING DEAD issue #165 is out NOW! Will the Rick and Negan bromance continue? And holy moly, that ending! Read the issue and let us know what you thought down below. We’ll be awarding our favorite comment with a signed issue of THE WALKING DEAD #165!

PREVIOUSLY: Rick and Negan are trapped in Alexandria, surrounded by walkers. The only way they can escape is by working together. Meanwhile, Andrea and Eugene lead a team to steer the horde away, while Carl commands the newly arrived Hilltop refugees to join the fight and thin the herd. And still, the Saviors wait patiently to make their move.