The Walking Dead Season 6 concludes THIS SUNDAY! While the show’s on hiatus we thought we’d give fans a chance to catch up on the incredible comics with an equally incredible offer! Starting now and going until April 4th we’ll be offering digital versions of The Walking Dead Issues #2-150 for ONLY 99 CENTS (issue #1 is FREE, ZIP, ZILCH). You can ALSO Buy Volumes 2-24 for $5.99 each (Volume 1 is just $4.99)! We’re running this sale across all of our digital partners, so whatever platform you prefer, you can dive in and get your fill! Links below.


Direct from IMAGE COMICS!





In addition Robert Kirkman’s other series Outcast (which will also become a Cinemax show this June) will ALSO be on sale. You can grab Issue #1 FOR FREE (with purchase of any trade) AND Outcast Volume 1 for $4.99! Check for it at those links above when you’re picking up TWD, or CLICK RIGHT HERE for Image Comics directly. This is part of a larger sale of TONS of really great Image titles, including some of our favorites like SAGA, EAST OF WEST, BLACK SCIENCE, NAILBITER, and way more. You’re going to find A LOT to love there, guaranteed.


Happy reading!