The pinball masters at Zen Studios have partnered with Telltale Games and Skybound to create an all-new digital pinball table based on the The Walking Dead: Season One.

The game will tour locations from Clementine’s treehouse and Everett’s pharmacy in Macon, all the way down the tracks to the walker-infested streets of Savannah. The Walking Dead Pinball table will feature choice-driven gameplay across each of Season One’s five episodes, along with original story dialogue from the award-winning cast.

Scenarios include choosing who to save and who to leave behind in a walker attack, solving problems and keeping up morale within the group, searching for food and supplies, acquiring important tools, and navigating through the herd amidst an oncoming walker breach.

The Walking Dead Pinball table will be available for download later this summer on Zen Studios pinball platforms across console, PC, and mobile stores.

Watch the teaser trailer for the game below: