At long last, we can talk about our latest mobile game, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!

Developed with our partners Scopely and IUGO, Road to Survival is a role-playing game that tests your survival skills as you step into the world of The Walking Dead alongside your favorite characters like Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Abraham, and more! Battle for resources in a world overrun by walkers as you build and fortify your compounds while playing with and against players from around the world.

We’ve been working closely with Scopely and IUGO for a while now, making sure the story and art were true to The Walking Dead world and they made it really easy by turning in awesome stuff again and again. It’s been really cool to watch all of the art, marketing, trailers, story, and tech come together. Making a game is such a massive undertaking, and a lot of people at Skybound, Scopely, and IUGO have been killing themselves for a long time to get this game made and out there so we really hope you love it!

And a huge thanks to all of our friends and fans that play-tested the game and that helped unravel the #WoodburyisWaiting mystery! We hope we didn’t scare anyone too bad with that mailer…

Watch the launch trailer:

And then download the game RIGHT HERE!