Ok, I probably shouldn’t even be posting this, but I saw it in a tweet and got pretty excited. I knew they were breaking all the stories and assigning writing duties, but I didn’t know they had episode titles already. After last night’s finale a lot of people were wondering what would happen in season four, where the show would go, what was going to happen with the Governor, etc. To help maybe ease the wait, here are the episode titles for the upcoming season four, along with brief plot descriptions:


Eagle eyes might spot the other big change, which is the show is undergoing a title change from “The Walking Dead” to “The Walking Daryl.” This is in the face of absolutely overwhelming audience response on Twitter to the character of Daryl Dixon. The show will now focus entirely on him. Other characters will still be on the show as supporting players, so don’t worry too much about your favorites! Here are the new promo images that I’ve seen internally: