Michonne and what’s left of her group are back in Alexandria to catch Maggie and the others up on what happened. Suddenly, Rick sprints towards Alexandria with a horde of walkers behind him yelling “OPEN THE GATE.” Michonne, Maggie, and the others let him in just in time. Despite the hundreds of walkers amassed on the walls, Rick claims they’re “safe for now” and the others (Daryl, Sasha, Glenn, etc.) will come back. The Alexandrians challenge his optimism but Aaron explains if it weren’t for Rick there would be twice the amount of walkers at their walls. He goes on to reveal the Wolves found his pack and ultimately their way to Alexandria because of him. Deanna, who’s been in a stupor since the attack, aimlessly walks away.


Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Jessie begins digging the grave of the wolf she killed when Rick implores her to stop. “We don’t bury killers inside the walls,” he reminds her. Meanwhile, the Alexandrians berate Olivia for rationing food and begin plundering the food supply. Spencer walks in and demands them to stop. Bruce scolds him on leaving the gate open but Spencer reminds him that he also saved the community by taking out the truck driver. “Where were you, Bruce?” he challenges. After dropping that sick burn, Spencer warns that pilfering food now will send them on a road where nothing and no one matters later. They reluctantly retreat as a proud Deanna cracks her first smile in days.

As Alexandrians add Nicholas and Glenn to the memorial wall, Aaron confronts Maggie about leaving alone. Clearly wanting to redeem himself for the biggest f**k up of all time, he volunteers to help her to search for Glenn. Elsewhere, Deanna becomes inspired and draws up a blueprint of a larger Alexandria full of crops and new homes. After hearing a noise, she comes upon a drunk Spencer with stolen goods from the pantry. He reasons one person stealing is better than everyone. He lashes out at Deanna for not protecting Alexandria enough. Carl and Ron fight over searching for Enid beyond the wall. Ron threatens to tell Rick if Carol goes. “You saved my life and now I’m saving yours,” he explains. In the meantime, Tara comforts Denise as she becomes overwhelmed with treating Scott. After taking out one of her neighbors-turned-walkers, Jessie encourages the Alexandrian onlookers to adapt and fight.



Aaron and Maggie journey through a sewer in search for Glenn. “If he’s alive he needs my help and that’s why I’m doing this,” Maggie surmises. Suddenly, Maggie’s overtaken by sewer zombies and Aaron saves her (proving her original plan to go solo WAS a bad idea). Aaron and Maggie seem to arrive at the scene of the Glenn crime but Maggie gets emotional and gives up. And guess WHAT?! Maggie is PREGNANT!! It’s super exciting BUT being pregnant without Glenn AND it being the zombie apocalypse makes it…difficult.



Back in Alexandria Denise stabilizes Scott while Ron informs Rick of Carl’s plan to chase after Enid. Tara comforts Denise again as they share a romantic moment. Later, Deanna goes full Jessie/Carol/Rick and takes out her first walker with a broken wine glass. Covered in its blood, Deanna tells Rick “I want to live.” In a surprising move, Deanna hands the reins of Alexandrian leadership over to Rick. “What they need…is you.” Now back in Alexandria, Maggie and Aaron scrubs off Glenn’s name from the memorial wall. Rick shares a romantic moment with Jessie as Deanna beats on the gate against the walkers. As she walks away blood starts seeping through the wall.




Will Maggie ever get closure with Glenn?

How will Rick handle his new role?

How will they get rid of those walkers at the wall??

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