Morgan finds the missing horse from the previous episode while the surviving Savior from Carol’s massacre seeks revenge. Meanwhile, a man is being chased through the woods by The Saviors. They corner him and beat him up, explaining he didn’t follow the rules. Carl locks Enid in a closet after she tries stopping him from leaving with the others. Throwing their past away, Rick gives his blessing to Father Gabriel to man security in Alexandria while he and the others head to The Hilltop.

Elsewhere, Morgan finally locates Carol, who’s wounded on a stoop. He takes her inside and treats her wounds. He suggests they head back to Alexandria to get her help but she refuses. Rick and the gang confront a group of Saviors blocking the road. The Saviors ask them to surrender all their belongings but Rick says, “That deal isn’t going to work for us.” The main Savior says it might be the last day on Earth for one of the people in Rick’s group.


Carol tells Morgan she left so she doesn’t have to kill anymore. Back on the road Rick’s group runs into ANOTHER Savior roadblock. They leave and are later confronted with a line of tied-up walkers blocking the path. They notice one of them has Michonne’s dredlocks stapled in its head; the other has Daryl’s arrows in its chest. They suddenly come under fire from Saviors hiding in the trees. They take out the walkers, race to the RV, and forge their way ahead. Rick surmises the Saviors intentionally didn’t kill them and are luring them in their direction. GUESS WHAT, they encounter yet another Savior roadblock! This one’s essentially a tower of Saviors.


Carol strides through a nearby town and gets tackled by the surviving Savior that was searching for her. Wanting to kill her slowly, he shoots her in the arm and leg while she begs for death. He tries to shoot her one last time but Morgan shows up and KILLS him with the gun Rick gave him. Carol begs Morgan to let her go when two armored men on horseback confront them. (COULD THEY BE FROM THE KINGDOM?? PROBABLY)!

Rick and the group confront their 8,000th roadblock and the man captured earlier in the episode is hung off a bridge behind them. Aaron tries to shoot him down but Rick says they need the ammo. The logs behind them catch fire and the disembodied voice of the main Savior implores them to go. That night, Eugene hatches a plan to drive the RV solo while the rest of them attempt to take Maggie to The Hilltop on foot.


Rick and the group carry Maggie through the woods on a stretcher when they hear the familiar Savior whistle. They arrive at a clearing completely surrounded by Saviors. The Lead Savior takes their weapons and makes them get on their knees like Eugene, who they captured and beat. Dwight brings Daryl, Michonne, and Glenn out of a truck and lines them up with the others. Lead Savior taps on the RV and out…comes…NEGAN. “It’s going to be pee-pee pants city in here REAL soon,” Negan tells them.

Negan introduces himself to Rick and berates him for killing his people. “You are so going to regret crossing me in a few minutes,” he wanrs. Negan explains everything they have now belongs to him. “Now, I’m going to beat the holy hell out of you,” he promises. He introduces him to his barbed bat, Lucille and accuses Carl of taking their guns. He threatens to kill Maggie and Glenn tries to tackle him. He’s restrained by Dwight and forced back into line. Negan warns them not to EVER do that again.

Unable to decide who to kill, Negan (like in the comics) chooses to play a cruel game of eeny-meeny-miney-moe with Lucille. He treads down the line and points at everyone, chanting the rhyme. Negan finally chooses someone and warns everyone else not to move or he’ll feed Carl’s other eye to Rick. We only get to watch from the victim’s point of view. The screen cuts to black as we hear a skull being beaten in. And then…nothing.